Well belated National Convention 2016

“Liberals held their second annual congress on 30 April in Oslo. Just under 100 members showed up, which is a new record for the young party. Guests at the congress was Dr. James W. Lark; former head of the US Libertarian Party presidential Vít Jedlička of Liber Land, John Holmes Country; initiator in Liber Stad, Carl Svanberg from Ayn Rand Institute and dr. Thomas Woods from The Tom Woods Show and Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Party leader Arnt Rune Flekstad presented the party’s annual report, and here it emerged that liberals have achieved much in the past year. County team in Oslo ran for local and regional elections in 2015, some central committee welcomed the and the party ended up getting 458 votes. Many volunteers stood at his disposal during the election campaign. The party participated in 34 school debates and polling booth on Karl Johan was staffed longer than any other party.

Liberals have experienced strong in membership and per annual meeting date over 1,200 members, and county branches in all provinces. On Facebook, the party has been the fourth highest in terms of response and the party has reached 7,000 followers. Liberals are trying to gather signatures for the parliamentary elections in 2017, and has per annual meeting point collected around 3,100 signatures.

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new central board

A new central executive committee was elected by the congress. The following central board members were re-elected:

  • Arnt Rune Flekstad (leader)
  • Roald Ribe (deputy)
  • Eigil Knudsen (General)
  • Jan-Øyvind Lorgen
  • Austin Rasmussen
  • Vegard Hovland Ottervig

The following new central executive committee members were elected:

  • But Sadaf
  • Geir Hoksnes

The following were elected as deputy directors:

  • Wivikke Tank-Nielsen
  • Kjell Bakke
  • Harald Hansen
  • Runar Walseng

Because of an administrative error was elected one central director for much, and Vegard Hovland Ottervig therefore decided to withdraw.


Annual Meeting Minutes

Want to know more of the details of the National Convention in 2016?

Read meeting minutes here »”


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