Singles welcome the departure of Britain from the EU and invited the Prime Minister to promote good relations

“Unmarried appreciate British referendum as a refined expression of the will of citizens and welcomed the British decision to leave the EU. They want Britain smooth exit from the European Union and firmly believe that Britain will remain free trade and visa-free travel.

Singles invited Prime Minister Sobotka to the negotiations on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU supported the smooth relations with Britain and even a hint not support any sanctions.
“There is no reason to punish the British for what they do not want to be already in the EU. The European Parliament always will support free trade and free travel between the European Union and Great Britain, “says MEP and chairman of the Freedom Petr Mach .

“It soon becomes clear that the UK outside the EU are suffering not, quite the contrary. Her positive example would be the last nail in the coffin of the European Union, “says Vice Freedom Radim Smetka .

Promote free arrangement similar referendum in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic live for 3 and a half million people who did not have a chance in 2003 to vote on our membership of the EU, because if they were less than 18 years or were in the world. Furthermore, EU since our accession has changed considerably.

“The European Union is an impediment to prosperity. I’m grateful that appeared first country that is not afraid to show their dissatisfaction with the current form of the EU. I hope that soon we will have the opportunity to express their opinion in a referendum on the EU as well as we can, “adds Vice Josef Káles .

“Not only Brussels is afraid of the devil as the manifestation of will of citizens in the form of a referendum.Already the organization irrespective of the result is always pointing finger. Above all the artificial common policies, namely the cost of considerable natural desire of people for freedom, and it still stands on the scale of values ​​in many higher than anything else. I am very glad that this glove Brits lifted, “adds Vice Frantisek Matejka .

June 24, 2016

Republican Bureau of Freedom


Party of Free Citizens (Singles) was founded in 2009 with the main aim of reducing state bureaucracy, cut taxes, abolish subsidies, enact a balanced budget and introduce folk veto. Since its inception Singles criticize the Lisbon treaty and promote a referendum on the performance of the Czech Republic from the EU. Party program places the highest emphasis on individual freedom.

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Kateřina Kašparová
spokesperson Freedom

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