Provide Free Enterprise

“The government has said that there is a relaxation of the customary wage scheme is for innovative companies.Founders of startups are no longer obligated himself to pay a taxable salary of €44,000, but may impose the minimum wage this is the first three years.

The scheme applies only to innovative companies. This limitation means that the government knows what companies are innovative and which are not. But should it really be an important criterion? Economics is still the economy, and prosperity is still wealth? Why would the production of cheese, chocolate and mechanical watches are less important than that of computers, software and process engineering? Because if you go with cheese, chocolate and classic watches too – not ‘only’ but ‘also’ – can create wealth, then that’s fine and you should cherish these sectors as well. But in the Netherlands, politicians find attractive tax environment apparently only important when it comes to something ‘innovative product’ is.

The proposed measure should be general and should continue. Because especially for start-ups with a BV mandatory wage is an obstacle. One solution is for all starters in a private company to introduce an exemption from the mandatory wage, and for the first five years. Then the government would be busy at least neutral industry. But let the market decide what is innovative and what is not. And whether a particular innovation is desired. Such an approach had not made any impression. But not so.

The LP understands how important economic freedom for wealth creation and therefore wants that entrepreneurs are able to determine how much income they get from their BV. Therefore, the LP for all entrepreneurs, starter or does not want, innovative or not, abolish the compulsory salary.”


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