Party of Reason: With liberal principles forward courageously!

“Tomasz M. Froelich in conversation with Friedrich Dominicus
For a long time it was quiet around the party of reason. But the party is alive! In early June was the Federal Party held in Leipzig. Tomasz M. Froelich spoke for F rei t order in view of the forthcoming 2017 general election with Friedrich Dominicus, the national chairman of the party.
Ft : Mr. Dominicus, long time was to outsiders by the party of reason  heard little. Why was that?
Dominicus : Well, we can do as a Liberal offers to voters only have voters s he also rewarding. A voter is apparently but rather that there is “something like that” as before  continues, and contradicts every single point in our program.  The fact is also that we always get consent by individuals, but  is somewhere then made ​​”tight”. There are then at some point the statement  is: While you are right, but are too “radical”.
Ft : early June was the Federal Party the party of reason in Leipzig  instead. How would you sum?
Dominicus : I have, I think, too early clear in my speech. Against all  prophecies of doom the party still exists, and I think to be able to say that we in  have brought last year, a total rest in the PDV. You were designed by  the spot and were able to take a picture.
Ft : In fact, there has been much discussion on the matter, said of human disturbances as in the past there was no trace. Since next year parliamentary elections are, maybe that’s a very good sign. What are the goals of the party of the  reason for the 2017 upcoming federal election?
Dominicus : Well, that’s simple: Liberal principles to implement politically. We are in favor  of reducing public acceptance constraints and allow private alternatives.
Ft : Which thematic priorities you want to bet?
Dominicus : I can name just my personal priorities, as the topics still  have not decided. We have the current boom in the  end credit expansion. Although, or perhaps because there is no other party that herein the  looks biggest problem. But we know from Mises that after a boom, a  bust has come and we also know that the longer a boom is updated,  the more problematic it is for a monetary total.
Ft : This is an important issue!
Dominicus : We also need to give people the choice whether they really on a bench  want to save or invest. For a few, it is aware that each deposit a  bank of granted credit is. However, it is pretended that the deposits  still belonged to the “deposit holder”. If one separates conscious in savings and investment accounts, you can guarantee at least one – without another lie  of state employees – namely, that the savings are safe. If they  are not given, they are just the owner directly.  Especially with the savings we can also demand that every employee it  must adhere without restriction. For this you would need, ideally, a money that  can not be inflated as desired.
Ft : Inflation is evil!
Dominicus : Inflation is indeed just that there is more money for continued less  is more flexible range of goods; our money and the policy of the central bank is running  out on a permanent expropriation of savers. Here it is quite  demanding order and the reintroduction of a D-Mark – ideally a  gold-backed D-Mark. It is also with liberal principles to arrange a  set of fine gold content of the new D-Mark (and whether by DIN standard).
Ft : There are in libertarian circles also some contentious issues where no  consensus exists, such as the topics open borders, asylum and the other  dealing with the refugee crisis. How are you and your party on these  topics?
Dominicus : We have a position paper. There it goes several stages to: Firstly, we call for the restoration of law (which for us no doubt by the governments in  was broken EU). We also want to relocate decisions in the municipalities and in the end the private  financing of the costs for refugees. In the end, immigration is as much a problem as each distribution of  other scarce goods. We can not know if it  needs immigration and how high/low they may be/should/must/can.
Ft : Mr. Dominicus, thanks for the interview!
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