In Memoriam: Hubert Boy (1928-2016)

“Hubert Boy, one of the founders of the Libertarian Party (LP) and the Libertarian Center is suddenly on June 15, 2016 deceased at the age of 88. Hub Boy made his Engineering Boy 500 men strong. After reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged Hub was objectivist and libertarian. He later spoke personally Ayn Rand. Hub and[…]


Looking Back at the 4th Annual National Congress in Saxony

“On Thursday, 26 May 2016, the 4th ordinary found state convention of the party of reason instead Saxony. In addition to the discharge of the executive committee for the 2015 financial year was the State Executive Committee and in accordance with the country’s statutes again state auditors chosen. Here Thomas Flach, Klaus Koch, Wolf -Dieter[…]


Singles welcome the departure of Britain from the EU and invited the Prime Minister to promote good relations

“Unmarried appreciate British referendum as a refined expression of the will of citizens and welcomed the British decision to leave the EU. They want Britain smooth exit from the European Union and firmly believe that Britain will remain free trade and visa-free travel. Singles invited Prime Minister Sobotka to the negotiations on the withdrawal of[…]


Radim Smetka: The day after

“Following the publication of the final results of the referendum on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU flared up debate about how long it will take #brexit itself. In these debates are oblivious to the question of how long it will take the disintegration of the EU. Result British referendum strengthened efforts similar[…]