The Libertarian Party opposes the No Fly No Buy bill and other restrictions without due process

“ALEXANDRIA — The Libertarian Party opposes the No Fly List, “no buy” lists, and other such lists where the government infringes on a person’s rights without due process of law. In recent years, the federal government has used “the war on terror” as an excuse to encroach on our most fundamental human rights. Warrant-less wiretapping,[…]


Libertarian Party: The Draft is Slavery. End it.

“ALEXANDRIA — Congress has been debating the merits of adding women into Selective Service to be drafted with men during times of national emergency. Sen. Rand Paul has suggested that it would be better to end the draft. The Libertarian Party agrees. “The draft is simply slavery by another name. Drafting people to go abroad[…]


After Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union: up! urges free trade with Great Britain

“Up! is pleased with the decision of the British electorate to withdraw from the EU. This decision is an opportunity for the UK, Europe and Switzerland. up! Calls for Switzerland against the United Kingdom already to signal interest in a real, bureaucracy-free FTA. For example, Britain would have to bear less conversion costs and Switzerland[…]


Well belated National Convention 2016

“Liberals held their second annual congress on 30 April in Oslo. Just under 100 members showed up, which is a new record for the young party. Guests at the congress was Dr. James W. Lark; former head of the US Libertarian Party presidential Vít Jedlička of Liber Land, John Holmes Country; initiator in Liber Stad,[…]


Provide Free Enterprise

“The government has said that there is a relaxation of the customary wage scheme is for innovative companies.Founders of startups are no longer obligated himself to pay a taxable salary of €44,000, but may impose the minimum wage this is the first three years. The scheme applies only to innovative companies. This limitation means that[…]


Leendert Ambtman Narratives

“Dear members, donors, interested, Since I have recently joined as (assessors current) Secretary to the National Council of the Libertarian Party is the time to introduce me to those who do not know me. My name is Leendert Ambtman, I’m 41 years old and I live in Amstelveen. I am married and have two children[…]