In Memoriam: Hubert Boy (1928-2016)

“Hubert Boy, one of the founders of the Libertarian Party (LP) and the Libertarian Center is suddenly on June 15, 2016 deceased at the age of 88.

Hub Boy made his Engineering Boy 500 men strong. After reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged Hub was objectivist and libertarian. He later spoke personally Ayn Rand. Hub and his wife Riet van Roon were co-initiators of the Libertarian Center, the Freedom Letter, the libertarian relief fund LIFHAS, Second Libertarian World Conference, the Libertarian Party, and He wrote more than 6,500 articles.

In 1975 founded Hub Boy with Michiel van Notten the Libertarian Centre of the Netherlands, and has since acted as chairman. It was the first Dutch libertarian organization, and one of the first in Europe. During the first decades of the new freedom movement Hub was involved in almost all libertarian activities, including the organization of hundreds of meetings and conferences, and the publication of the first Dutch libertarian magazine “The Freedom Letter”, which arose in 2003 in the blog Pretty Speaker .com.

Hub also played an important role in the international libertarian movement. In 1982 Hub attended the first world conference of ISIL (International Society for Individual Liberty) in Zurich. Later he would also join the board of ISIL and thus contribute to building a global network of libertarians and classical liberals in dozens of countries.

In 1983 he was one of the organizers of the first libertarian conference held in Europe, in Brussels. Later he acted as a founding member and president of Libertarian International, a global network for lovers of liberty, which organized conferences, particularly in Western and Eastern Europe.

Hub was also a “lifetime member” of the Libertarian Party in the USA, the first and largest libertarian party in the world, founded in 1971, and has grown into the third largest political party in America. The best known presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party was Ron Paul. Her current presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who stands at 12 percent in the latest polls.

In 1993 Hub acted as one of the founders and directors of the Dutch Libertarian Party. Toine Manders, political leader of the LP, said: “I am deeply saddened by the news of the death of Boy Hub. He was not only one of the founders and first directors of the LP, but he was also closely involved in the election campaign of the LP for the parliamentary elections in 1994, and thus played a key role in this important start-up phase of the LP. Even after his resignation as a director, he was always ready to support the LP and deed. The LP is now the fastest growing party in the Netherlands, particularly in social media, and we owe this largely to Hub Boy. We will miss him. ” published the following obituary:

“The doyen, co-founder of the libertarian movement in the Netherlands and driver of Libertarian International is deceased suddenly. Hub was the primordial libertarian and tireless, always busy organizer, writer and inspiration for all libertarian fields and expressions. Whether Free Newsletter, Free Speaker, discussion, promotion, or write to politicians was, Hub put it in motion and there was always doing. More than 6,500 of his articles on the Free Speaker not only give work ethic but also vision, clarity and enthusiasm for libertarianism again. His spirit remains in the countless articles on this site, but you can keep it alive by continuing where he had to stop.”

Entirely in accordance with his belief, Hub already decided at a young age for a career as an entrepreneur. He made his Engineering Boy 500 men strong. Hub is never really retired. After he sold his company, he remained active as a management consultant.

Hub Boy is survived by his wife, Reed, with whom he worked closely, his son Luke and his two grandchildren.”