Federal election debate scheduled for Cape Breton-Canso candidate

“PORT HAWKESBURY — The Rotary Club of Port Hawkesbury will be holding a federal election debate for the four mainstream political party candidates running in the riding of Cape Breton-Canso.
It’ll be held at the Strait Area Education-Recreation Centre on Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. The debate is open to the general public.Three candidates have agreed to the debate so far — Rodger Cuzner (Liberal), Adam Rodgers (Conservative) and Michelle Smith (NDP).

The Green Party has yet to nominate a candidate but will receive an invitation once a person is selected.

And while it’s a registered political party, Libertarian party candidate Wayne Hiscock has not been invited to participate.

Port Hawkesbury Rotary Club president Chris Cook said it’s the first time the service organization has hosted a political debate of any kind.

He said the club is still working with the candidates on the format of the debate.

“We just felt that the Strait area here in Port Hawkesbury where there’s a lot of federal interest, it’s important for us to ensure we have the attention (of the candidates) in this area,” Cook said Thursday.

Industrial activity in the Strait of Canso including the proposed Melford container terminal and Bear Head LNG Corp., which anticipates construction of a liquefied natural gas export facility beginning next year, are important topics that should be debated at the local level during the federal election campaign, he said.

The general election will be held Oct. 19.”


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