Italian Libertarian Party Joins the IALP

“Dear friends libertarian, a few days ago the CEO of the Libertarian Movement, Leonardo Facco, has given his approval in advance to the internal ratification of the latest version of the Declaration and Constitution of the Foundation of the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties. The ratification of the document enshrines our membership as members of the co-founders Read more about Italian Libertarian Party Joins the IALP[…]

Founding of the IALP

“The Swiss Independence Party up! founded along with eleven other parties an international alliance. The “International Alliance of Libertarian Parties’ combined worldwide millions of voters and encourage exchanges of experience between libertarian parties and builds a common website on. The national parties remain programmatically and organisationally independent. The founding members of IALP are: Libertarian Party, Read more about Founding of the IALP[…]

Election 2015: Meet the Libertarian Party UK, which wants to turn Britain into Switzerland

The Libertarian Party UK would like Britain to be more like low-tax Switzerland (Reuters) Libertarianism is on the rise among young people in the UK. Luckily for them, there’s a libertarian party standing in the May elections. As part of a series profiling minor parties, IBTimes UK speaks to the Libertarian Party UK. Who are you? Andrew Read more about Election 2015: Meet the Libertarian Party UK, which wants to turn Britain into Switzerland[…]

Could Rand Paul inspire the UK government?

Senator Rand Paul has caught the world’s attention and infuriated his own party by taking on one of the most powerful forces imaginable – the US security apparatus. Behind the drama there are deep currents, a tale of sex, drugs, violence and conservatism. Senator Paul has, almost single-handedly, blocked the extension of the Patriot Act, Read more about Could Rand Paul inspire the UK government?[…]

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